Bull Run Finance
We are coming with Cool Stuff, including Farming, Staking and Much more... Stay with us.

Contract Address: 0x25b070898a6c899b31e81de686b82241f5964ab4

Hodlers Gets 10000% Rewards so Create your LP Token with BR-BNB and Hold.

Flash News:

We are excited to Announce Website upgrade to DeFi Solution /Pancake Fork with Required Futures as Promised,

Bull Run Finance ($BR) is Community Owned Project and $BR Committed to it's Community.

Fork Completion Date:10-August-2021 or Early

Staking & Farming will be Live from 11-August-2021

Flash News:
Bull Run Finance is Committed to its Community, as Promised to Burn 75% of Supply
First Official Burning of 1 Billion $BR will be on 07-Augest-2021